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Step into the stadium and immerse yourself in the heart of the action

Integrated content, audio and video decoding, media playback, sound and acoustic design in a single, unified system

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Enjoy the immersive Dolby Vision & Dolby Atmos experience through your television and surround sound system.


THX believes that consumers should have access to high fidelity audio and video experiences, regardless of the medium of consumption. Tuned by THX™ products enable consumers to get the best quality possible on any device.

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255W Total Output
Upgrade your entertainment with the ultimate 2-in-1 solution. Dive into the perfect fusion of Dolby Atmos audio and breathtaking visuals using our seamlessly integrated 5.1-channel soundbar and certified 4K ATV set-top-box.
Sound & Sound 2.1
Experience True Wireless Stereo
Connect to smartphones, tablets, PCs, projectors and XR headsets for a versatile entertainment experience.
An easier way to enjoy the entertainment you love.
Homatics Streaming Media Boxes
Box R 4K Plus
Box R HD
Engineered for streaming, concealed from view.
Homatics Streaming Dongle & Stick
Dongle G 4K
Stick HD
Embrace the Future: Your Homatics Smart Home Awaits
Bringing smart technology to every corner of your home.
Pocket TV
Beyond Reality: Immerse in big-screen cinema on the go with the Pocket TV
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