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HOMATICS™ X THX® HomeClick Dolby Atmos 5.4.4 Wins “Best of Show Awards” at the 2023 NAB Show

by Suki SUN 21 Apr 2023

Las Vegas, NAB 2023 - Homatics, an international smart home theater brand, is thrilled to announce that its latest product, the HOMATICS™ X THX® Home Click Dolby Atmos 5.4.4, has won the“Best of Show Awards” at the 2023 NAB Show.

The Best of Show Awards are evaluated by a panel of industry experts on the criteria of innovation, feature set, cost efficiency, and performance in serving the industry. The winners were chosen from companies that exhibited at the 2023 NAB Show and submitted nominations.

Home Click Smart Home Theater instantly turns your TV into a cinematic experience, users will access clear images with Dolby Vision and immersive panoramic surround sound through the powerful Dolby Atmos 5.4.4 channels surround sound AI enhancement technology. The easy-to-use design which is plug-in-and-play through seamless wireless connections, allowing users to enjoy theater-quality entertainment in a snap, and all through voice or RCU control. Additionally, the Homatics’ Humming EQ feature adds to the personalized audio-visual experience that is truly one-of-a-kind.

"Winning the Best of Show Awards is the greatest encouragement for our HOMATICS team and our partners, THX and SEI." ,”said James Wen, co-founder, of Homatics. “We are proud to be recognized by the industry and to offer our customers an immersive audio-visual entertainment experience that exceeds their expectations.”

Homatics is dedicated to providing audiophiles and movie lovers with a personalized audio-visual experience that is truly one-of-a-kind. Its smart home theater products range from 2.0 to 5.4.4 channels, delivering true stereo sound and panoramic surround sound that transports you into the content. The humanized design and plug-in-and-play products through wireless and seamless connections make it simple for you to enjoy theater-quality entertainment in the comfort of your own home via voice or RCU control.

To learn more about Home Click Dolby Atmos 5.4.4 and other Homatics products, please visit our official website and join ourTelegram community!

Media Contacts:
For Homatics, suki@seirobotics.com

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