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Homatics delivers a One-Stop Smart Home Solution by using Google Cloud Platform

by Suki SUN 15 Sep 2022

The growing popularity of smart homes has changed the entertainment experience and home life for many people. Several program options are now available on smart TVs, ranging from broadcast TV channels to over-the-top (OTT) streaming platforms like Netflix and Hulu, while devices like smart doorbells and smart security cameras have greatly enhanced home security and convenience.

However, accessing different content platforms and using multiple smart home appliances is not always a smooth experience. For example, controlling different smart gadgets may require multiple applications, making it complex. Users also notice inconsistencies in video loading speed and features when switching between broadcast TV and online streaming content, which can be frustrating.

Homatics is dedicated to delivering streamlined smart home services and immersive TV-watching experiences by offering a smart TV solution that seamlessly integrates all types of TV program sources and incorporates smart home features. Homatics’ solution not only aggregates digital video broadcasting (DVB) and OTT media services, provides features like show live broadcasting, recording and replay, but is also fully integrated with its self-developed Internet of things (IoT) system.

SEI is the key OEM partner for Homatics by providing hardware development and integration to realize the one-stop smart TV solution together. They cooperate to develop smart TV products for retail customers by providing the ultimate visual and auditory experience of living room entertainment. It is remarkable that the Box R series co-developed by SEI and Homatics has received good market feedback, especially the Box R 4K plus which integrates 4K, Dolby ATMOS, DTS, HDR10/10+, Android TV OS, and Google Assistant to provide users with immersive cinema-level audio and video entertainment experiences on TVs.

Developing a one-stop smart TV solution requires a cloud platform that provides powerful streaming video processing and content distribution tools available for all consumers around the world. To that end, Homatics chose Google Cloud because it simplifies the integration between the video transcoding and distribution of OTT content and supports fast content delivery through its extensive global network. On top of that, Homatic’s self-developed IoT system is fully integrated with Google Assistant.

Google Cloud meets all the company’s needs by providing a full set of high-performance tools to process and distribute video content. The out-of-the-box tools and pay-as-you-go scheme of Google Cloud enable Homatics to deploy its smart TV solution that offers excellent TV viewing experiences and well-integrated smart home features at the lowest deployment time and costs.

In July 2019, Homatics launched its smart TV software which currently has more than one million users globally. In the future, Homatics will cooperate with partners to provide anticipated Smart TV and Smart Home Solutions.

About Homatics

Homatics is a new international smart solution brand providing end-to-end solutions for seamless audio and video entertainment experiences, as well as smart home services across living rooms and multi-rooms based on the Google ecosystem. In 2019, Homatics launched a smart TV solution that combines broadcast TV, over-the-top media streaming, smart home and security services. As of 2021, the company’s smart TV solution has over one million users around the world.Visit Momatincis online at https://www.homatics.com/

About SEI Robotics

Established in 2009, SEI Robotics is a Smart Hardware company and a Global leader in developing and manufacturing Android TV and IoT devices. As one of Google's Tier 1 Android TV ODM Partners, we focus on innovative Android TV products like ATV HDMI Dongle, OTT & Hybrid Set-top box (STB), Android TV Smart Speaker, 4G/5G CPE Gateway, Wifi Mesh, and Home Security IoT. We successfully worked with a large number of Tier 1 international customers on multiple Android TV projects and Smart Home IoT Solutions. Our goal is always to deliver the best quality product on time. Visit SEI Robitics online at https://seirobotics.net

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