Home Click is Your Complete Home Entertainment Solution
Redesign your home theater with Home Click's immersive DTS surround sound, synchronized accent lighting, and Android TV streaming. Wirelessly connect the base station to 4 Dolby Atmos surround speakers for a 5.4.4 audio setup.
Meet the Home Click Family
Box R 4K Plus
Center Speaker Base Station
Surround sound Speakers
360W Subwoofer
Led Strips
Speaker Stand
Artistry Meets Sustainability: Crafted with Eco-Friendly Materials
Dolby Vision y Dolby Atmos y DTS, afinado por THX
Diseñado para la precisión de la película de arriba a abajo, experimente contenido ajustado, decodificación de audio y video, reproducción de medios sin interrupciones, efectos espaciales de audio inmersivos y un diseño acústico superior en un solo dispositivo.
Sweet Spot Auto-Adjustment
Immerse yourself in sound that's always calibrated to your position. Our AI algorithm, with mmWave Radar technology, detects your location in real time, ensuring you're in the sweet spot for every moment.






Unleash Speed and Power with Box R 4K Plus
Powered by a 2Ghz quad-core processor, Box R 4k Plus is our fastest and most powerful player ever, offering you an easier way to dive into your favorite media.
Quad Cortex-A55
HDMI 2.1
Dolby Atmos
Wi-Fi 6
Gigabit 1000M
Dolby Vision
Integración perfecta con Netflix y más
Acceda a una gran cantidad de contenido de plataformas de transmisión populares como Netflix, Spotify y Disney.

Usa tu voz para buscar programas, controlar dispositivos y más, solo pregunta a Google Assistant.

Connect to Spotify Seamlessly
Seamlessly move between devices and rooms without any interruption to your music.
Built-In Ambient Lighting
Enhance your experience with integrated ambient lighting. Easily adjust brightness, colors, and effects to set the perfect mood for any occasion.
Ambient LED Strip (display-synced)
Transform your space with Home Click ambient lighting that seamlessly synchronizes with your media to fully immerse you in with a symphony of light and sound.

Play Gradient Ambient Light

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Sincronización de luz ambiental
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Plug and Play
Plug and Play
Embark on a sensory adventure where characters and stories come to life in a captivating fusion of sight and sound.
Experience Seamless Connectivity
Full Immersion with One Click
Secure 5.8 GHz Wireless Audio Protocol
Compatibilidad universal
Disfruta de la versatilidad y libertad de conectar todos tus dispositivos, incluyendo smartphones, tabletas, computadoras, proyectores, visores de realidad virtual y más para un entretenimiento sin límites.
Conecta tu smartphone a vía Bluetooth
Conecta tu tableta a vía Bluetooth
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Conecta tus visores de realidad virtual vía Bluetooth
Versatility for All Scenarios
Immerse and engage more with your favorite movies, music, games, sports and more
Step into the stadium and immerse yourself in the heart of the action
Get the front-row experience of your favorite artists from the comfort of your home
Dive into your favorite games and be transported to their universe
Bring the Dolby/THX theater experience to your home
Customizable Configurations for Any Room Size
Tailor your setup to fit any room, ensuring optimal audio and visual performance.